Watch Buying Guide

How much should you spend on your new watch? Watch prices can vary and many styles are available at different price points. Know your budget and shop with confidence knowing you're getting the best quality watch for your budget, online and in our Birmingham showroom. Our favourites price points are below.

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We stock watches from some of the most desirable brands. Use our menu to find the brand or use the brand filter in any category to help you find your perfect watch as easy as possible. Watch brands always have a great history, knowing the brand you are buying is fascinating and highly recommended.

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It's worth considering what features you need on your watch, you may need a second time zone if you travel or chronograph if you are a runner. A chronograph is similar to a stopwatch and can help record your times. If you enjoy diving you may want to look for a watch suitable for underwater depth.

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You should almost never take the numbers on the dial or case back of your watch literally. A watch with 30 metres water-resistance can survive a rain shower, or getting splashed, but you shouldn't swim in it. Likewise, you won't want to dive wearing a watch with less than 200 metres water-resistance.

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